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The most-attended events of our communityís life, our weekend Masses, will continue at their regularly scheduled times (5:00 pm Saturday and 7:30 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am and 5:00 pm Sunday) and are indoors.† Our Saturday evening Mass will also be live-streamed on our Facebook page.† Those who choose to remain away from Mass, but wish to receive the Eucharist, may do so on Monday mornings at 9:00 am outside in front of the church.

Weekday Masses have been restored as follows:† Tuesdays through Fridays at 8 am, Masses are held indoors.†† Before you plan to come to Mass, please carefully read the information below so that we can all work together for an environment of reduced risk.Donít forget:  Bishop Edward Weisenburger has suspended indefinitely the Sunday Mass obligation for all persons living in or visiting in the Tucson Diocese. You are subject to no church requirement to attend Mass at this time.If you are among those classified as vulnerable (persons aged 65 or older or persons of any age whose health is compromised) we strongly urge you to remain at home and not come onto parish property. Keep in mind that there is an inherent risk to anyone, regardless of age or health, in attending any public event.  This includes religious services.  While we are committed to do everything reasonable to reduce that risk, there are no risk-free situations.† Please understand that your presence at any public event, including Mass, constitutes an acknowledgment that you understand and accept this risk.

 Whatever your age or general health, if you are feeling ill in any, if you are feeling ill in any way please remain at home and do not come onto the parish property.†

 A face mask covering your nose and mouth is only required during the Sunday 7:30 am Mass.

 Our seating capacity remains greatly reduced so please respect any sign posted at the church entrance indicating the church is full and, if possible, return for a later-scheduled Mass. The following reductions in capacity are in effect:

 Use of the Holy Water font remains suspended.†

 Parish staff and volunteers will be cleaning the church, including pews and restrooms, between Masses.

  Funerals and weddings will follow the same protocols as Sunday Masses.

  Baptisms will be celebrated outside the Sunday Mass times and attendance is limited to 30 persons.

 The Sacrament of Reconciliation is on Saturdays at 3:30 pm, or by appointment.

 Because of the limited seating capacity and honoring those for whom attendance would endanger their health, we will continue to post a recording of the Mass on the parish Facebook page each weekend.

 The main doors (east-facing) of the church will remain the only way to enter the church. All doors will be available to leave the church.

 The Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist will be wearing masks but not gloves; they will wash and sanitize their hands immediately prior to distributing the host.

 Only the host will be distributed, the cup will not.

  Communion will be distributed only in the hand.† Place one hand on top of the other forming a small cup so that the Host may be gently dropped into your cupped hand to avoid hand-to-hand contact.

 The collection baskets will not be passed from hand-to-hand as has been our custom.† Red boxes are available at the entrance of the church for your offertory gift.† You can leave your offering in the boxes either entering or exiting the church.

 Other ways to support the parish: Online giving is always available, and many parishioners have found that it is the most convenient way to support our community. Please use our website,, for the online giving and paypal link. In addition, mailing in contributions is available as well as physically dropping off contributions during the week at the parish office.

 Altar servers, whose parents choose to allow them to serve, will be limited to one per Mass.

 Coffee and doughnuts in the Parish Center on Sunday mornings has been suspended until further notice.

 Parish staff and volunteers will be cleaning the church, including pews and restrooms, between Masses.

 Parish meetings are to be held through an appropriate online platform.



Funeral Mass Protocols During the

Covid-19 Pandemic


 ††††† There shall be no formal or informal gatherings of family or mourners outside the church ††††† before or after the Funeral Mass.† Households must maintain social distancing upon †† entering and exiting the church.

 ††††† It is imperative that only members of the same household sit together in the same row.

 ††††† Only couples from the same household can sit together.

 ††††† Family of the deceased should be seated in the church first, separated by household, then ††††† followed by guests.

 ††††† The casket or urn should remain outside until everyone is seated before bringing the † casket or urn inside.† There is to be no procession involving family or friends.

 ††††† Casket or urn shall leave the church first at the end of Mass.† Family and guests shall †† proceed directly to their vehicles maintaining social distancing protocols.

 ††††† At this time, St. Francis de Sales is unable to provide pall bearers.




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Health and Safety Protocols at St. Francis de Sales


My dear brothers and sisters,

Based on recommendations from the Diocese about the new instructions from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the following protocols have been adopted for St. Francis de Sales parish beginning on Sunday May 22, 2021 (PENTECOST SUNDAY).


If you are fully vaccinated, you do not have to wear a face mask or covering at Mass (beginning on Pentecost Sunday).


If you are fully vaccinated, you do not have to observe Social distancing at Mass (beginning on Pentecost Sunday).


Congregation can now leave their pew and come to the Altar to receive Communion (beginning on Pentecost Sunday).


For the sake of those who may still be uncomfortable to be in public spaces with few protocols, the following directives are in place for your safety: at St. Francis de Sales parish:


7:30am Mass on Sundays will still observe full protocols; that is, masks, social distancing (beginning on Pentecost Sunday).


Last day of Communion Service on Mondays in the parking will be Memorial Day, Monday 31, 2021.

In its place, we will have Mass on Mondays at 8am with full COVID-19 protocols in place (beginning on June 7, 2021).


Other weekday Masses from Tuesday to Friday will be without COVID-protocols. No Masks, no social distancing (beginning on Tuesday May 25, 2021).

As a result of these changes, I will communicate with you soon, regarding meetings and other parish life activities.

You have been patient this entire time; I thank you. Let us continue to look out for each other and also pray for the dead who are no longer with us.