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Phone: 520-885-5908

Fax: 520-885-3109

Email: officemgr@saintfrancisdesalestucson.org

St. Francis de Sales Parish

1375 S. Camino Seco

Tucson, AZ  85710-6513

Phone:  885-5908

Fax:  885-3109

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Safe Environment Training Instructions


1. Website: https://www.safeparishtucson.com/

2. In the log in box, on the bottom click on “register”.

The password is tucson.                                  

Scroll down until you get to St. Francis de Sales Tucson and check the circle.   On the bottom click submit.

Click on “My Training” and there should only be one training which is “Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse.”

There are five videos to watch, should take approximately 45 minutes.

When finished come to the administration building and sign the affirmation.

  If you have any questions please call Dave or Lori at 885-5908.