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Safe Environment Training Instructions


1. Website: http://diocesetucson.setanet.org

2. At the home page, click
"Sign In For Online Education"

3. Type in your first name, last name, and home street address.                                   

4. Click "Search"

5. If you have not been on the site previously, a red-lettered notice will come up indicating that there is no record for you in the system.

6. Click "Click here to create a record"

7. Follow the instructions and fill in your information: name, phone, e-mail address, etc.

8. For address information, it is recommended that you enter the home address.

9. Use the drop down menu to select your position, deacon, priest, volunteer, etc.

10. Enter your title: catechist, choir member, lector, etc.

11. Click "Add New Record and Continue"

12. You are now to the List of Courses. Select a Course and enjoy the class!!

13. At the end of the video, you will be given the opportunity to view the Code of Conduct and the Summary of the Guidelines if you do not have them at hand.

14. You will be asked to complete a quiz.

15. Upon successful completion of the quiz, a certificate will be e-mailed to the address you entered previously.

16. Print the e-mail, sign it, and return it to the Saint Francis De Sales Parish office. Attention Compliance Officer.

If you have any issues or problems with the site report them to: